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When it comes to hiring a carpenter in Greenville, SC you want to make sure they are conscious of quality and know the essence of the woodworking craft.

An expert carpenter knows his tools like the back of his hands and knows what quality cuts are. Here at Omega Standard, you can be confident in knowing that all our contractors are professional woodworking craftsmen.

Our contractors provide the Greenville area with quality services for custom homes, redesign, remodeling and we also offer subcontractor trim packages.

All our contractors are full-service carpenters, providing a large variety of woodworking craftsmanship.  From artisan carpentry projects, homeowners and construction contractors alike.

If you are looking for the highest quality carpenters, fill out the form below for a free estimate or you can call (864)501-4241.

We look forward to bringing your project to fruition and give you the peace of mind that you can Finish with Confidence.

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Still, Not Sure Our Carpentry Services Are For You? Here Are Some More Reasons To Just Give Us A Chance:

They did an excellent job. He always answered my calls when I called him. Great customer service

TIm S.

He is very punctual. Communicates and has great customer service.

Barbara D.

Work was excellent. I would highly recommend this company! Very easy to work with!

Jane H.

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